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Health and Safety Policy

Keeping Everyone Safe is our Priority

ON LOCATION GUIDELINES (Excluded Clients are: Productions, Commercials, and Films)

To keep everyone safe:  At this time, we are only servicing clients in our controlled space. If the occasion occurs that we have an exception to this rule, the minimum cost must be met, an onsite fee will be attached, and all parties being serviced must agree to the following:  

All bridal parties not in a chair receiving services are asked to assemble in another room. If this is not an option, we ask that everyone stay at least 6 ft away from the artists, except for the client in the chair. 

The areas where we will be set up must be sanitized before we arrive and a sink must be nearby with provided hand sanitizer soap for the artist to wash hands before and after each client

By the State of Oklahoma Covid Guidelines:

Each client is asked to answer the following questions: 
1) Have you had a cough?
2) Have you had a fever?
3) Have you been around anyone exhibiting these symptoms within the past 14 days?
4) Are you living with any who is sick or quarantined?

These questions will be sent to you via email and must be answered ONE (1) day prior to service.  

Appointment Policy:


  • Only clients that are being serviced will be in the designated workspace. No additional visitors 

  • Your temperature will be taken before service; if you have a fever, you will be asked to reschedule your appointment. Please click here to review our deposit and rescheduling policy

  • Come in with a mask on until asked to remove it.  

  • Please do not eat during your service 

  • Phone usage is limited to emergencies, as we are on a schedule and phones are distracting. 

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